Tommy John Elbow Ligament /Reconstruction

elbow injuryTorn elbow ligaments are common injuries among athletes engaged in throwing sports, especially baseball. The mechanics of the arm and shoulder movements that result in the explosive thrust that propels the ball at high speeds through the air tends to also exert a similar force to the ligaments that connect the arm to the forearm at the elbow, the most affected of these being the ulnar collateral ligament.

When this ligament becomes torn, a Tommy John reconstruction is needed. The same-day surgical procedure involves replacing the torn ligament in the elbow with another ligament harvested from another part of the body, usually either the forearm, hamstring, hip, knee, or foot of the patient. This piece of ligament is then woven through some pre-drilled holes in the bones of the arm and forearm to provide the hinge-like support of the torn ligament.

Our doctors at Florida Sports Injury and Orthopedic Institute have treated a large number of such conditions having worked with pro athletes in the course of their training and years of practice.

We not only understand the medical aspects of Tommy John reconstruction, but being very well versed in sports dynamics, we appreciate the need to have our patients go back out there and resume at top form. Talk to us today on (352) 404-8956 for more information.