Joint Replacement

joint replacementMovement is life and we at Florida Sports Injury and Orthopedic Institute believe that everyone has the right to move around and be active in their lives doing what they love to do. This is not always the case especially when arthritis or any other condition affects the joints of the body creating excruciating pain whenever movements are made.

In some instances, medication, joint injections and other less invasive treatments work but in others, there is simply no other remedy but joint replacement surgery. We value your life and your ability to engage in what you love to do and this is why one of our top priorities in joint replacement is to ensure you get back your mobility, for life.

Our doctors are some of the most experienced and highly trained orthopedic surgeons in Florida and having performed numerous joint replacement surgeries successfully. We are well suited to take your hand and walk you to recovery and a better quality of life.

If you have chronic joint pain and nothing seems to be working or simply want to explore further the option of joint replacement, kindly schedule an appointment with us today by calling (352) 404-8956