Joint Injections

joint injectionsJoint injections are used for number of diagnostic and therapeutic uses and are a highly effective and relatively non-intrusive way of handling joint problems. As an athlete or someone living an active lifestyle, recurrent joint pains may slow you down a bit and whereas taking medication and other forms of treatment work, sometimes the best option is to use joint injections.

Diagnostically, joint injections can be used to aspirate fluid from a joint for testing purposes. Therapeutically, joint injections are used to reduce the amount of fluid in the joint or to deliver localized medication into the joint capsule. The two most widely classes of medication delivered this way are anti-inflammatory drugs mostly of the steroidal type and lubricating fluid, primarily hyaluronic acid.

At Florida Sports Injury and Orthopedic Institute, our physicians have worked with joint injections for years and have the necessary expertise and precision to deliver these injections to the very specific areas needed. This is why you should always choose a practice and doctors with extensive experience in joint injections.

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