Baseball/Softball Throwing Injuries

Baseball/Softball Throwing InjuriesBaseball and softball put a tremendous amount of pressure on the shoulder and elbow. Repeated throwing and other factors cause many athletes involved in these sports to end up with painful shoulders and elbows

Dr. Amit Varma, our lead orthopedic surgeon, has had the privilege and experience of working with a number of top athletes during is fellowship at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia where he treated professional and college athletes.  He worked with the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia Soul and St. Joseph’s University. 

Because of the varied nature of throwing injuries, we put into consideration the age, gender, practice routine and game schedule of all our patients in order to offer them the most comprehensive and effective baseball/ softball throwing injuries treatment. If you are a sports person or live an active lifestyle and experience pain in your shoulder or elbow, get in touch with us on (352) 404-8956 today to speak with one of our physicians.